Winter Tyres

Buying a separate set of winter tyres in Luton might seem like an unnecessary investment for many car owners. But these tyres create a massive difference while tackling the challenging British winter. The reality is winter tyres offer an unmatchable safety advantage over your regular tyres when the weather conditions become challenging.

While winter tyres are a legal requirement in the UK, they're excellent in the slushy British climate. That’s the reason why leading tyre brands are investing heavily on them.

At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd, you’ll have plenty of winter tyre choices to choose from. Here’s a guide to the best ones that hit our shelves.

Top winter tyres at Elite Tyre –

a) Pirelli winter tyres

Born with the Italian racing DNA, Pirelli infused the racing tyre technology into your day-to-day tyres. Our garage’s experts handpicked the best of the lot for you:

  • Winter Snowcontrol Serie 3

This tyre exhibits Pirelli’s unique brickwork siping technology to provide more traction in snow. Its wide circumferential grooves enhance wet traction and resist hydroplaning in slippery roads. You can get your hands on this winter tyre from Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd in Luton at discounted rates.

  • Ice Zero FR

A studless variant from Pirelli, it features a wide footprint to distribute pressure evenly across the carcass for exceptional cold weather traction and enhances braking. It has a unique rubber compound moulded with arrow-shaped treads for firm grip and hydroplaning resistance.

You can purchase these winter tyres in Luton from our garage at affordable prices.

b) Dunlop winter tyres

The British brainchild, Dunlop tyres have been providing excellent car tyres for over a century. Their years of experience in revolutionising tyres make them an unbeatable choice. Here’re the best winter car tyres in Luton from Dunlop available for you –

  • Winter Maxx WM01

This tyre meets the industry's most severe winter tyre parameters courtesy unique features. It houses joint-less band technology to enhance handling capability and strength. The tyre's grooves sport nylon-coated reinforcing for max endurance in frosty conditions.

  • SP Winter Sport 4D DSST RunOnFlat

This breed is a genius from the house of Dunlop. Its long V-shaped grooves maintain excellent traction on mud or wet roads. Furthermore, its 4D-sipe technology gives better footprint for enhanced snow-handling ability and cornering grip.

Perhaps the top feature to this tyre is its run-flat capability. It can temporarily support the vehicle's weight even after losing significant air pressure.

Why buy from us?

If you choose to buy winter tyres in Luton, we’re the best in the business. At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd, we're committed to offering you the best tyres from all leading brands at affordable rates.

Moreover, our customers also have the opportunity to purchase tyres online from our e-store.

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