Alloy Wheel Repair

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Alloy wheels are a notch above its steel counterparts across multiple aspects. Keeping them free from damage is important, as they are comparatively expensive. Further, with proper maintenance, you can assure yourself with the expected longevity.

Here at Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd, we help you with every point of assistance you may require with your alloys. By availing alloy wheel repair in Luton from our workshop, you are guaranteed of expertise and results.

Repair or refurbishing, which one do you need?

Alloy wheel repair is different from refurbishing, although they share some similarities. When you need to revive an old set of alloy wheels after driving for a while, you need to go for a refurbishing.

Now, wheels sustain a high amount of stress and impact all the time. Thus, with time they wear down, scratches and dents develop along with rust accumulation. To address these problems, you have to seek alloy wheel damage repair in Luton.

What can an alloy wheel repair service do?

Technicians of Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd in Luton are skilled enough to cover a wide range of damage.

Different type of wheel damage a repair service cover –

  • Straightening alloy wheels –

At times minor knocks can render distort a wheel's structure. We can fix that.

  • Kerbed or scuffed wheels –

Hitting a kerb can leave your car wheels with gouges and dents. The damage is either welded or filled and then machined using a lathe or buff to render a smooth finish.

  • Buckled and cracked wheels –

Cracked wheels can be repaired with the right type of welding. Good for you, we keep provisions for conducting all types of welding jobs.

  • Corroded wheels –

You must keep rust and corrosion at bay at all costs. A minor spot today can spread and spoil the entire wheel. Existing corrosions can worsen in winters courtesy rock salt and various chemicals used on roads to combat ice and snow. Just so, opting for alloy wheel repair in Luton before winters is vital.

  • Split rim –

Split rims are complicated to repair than one-piece wheels. Our technicians have the experience to handle the process efficiently.

  • The steps we follow to assure you the best alloy wheel damage repair in Luton
  • The wheel is thoroughly cleaned to remove any wax and paint coating. This allows the technician to assess the present damages fully.
  • The tyres are either taken off or masked. Then varying types of sanding media are used over the damaged area to smoothen it.
  • Metal fillers are used to repair the profile and sanded back to match the surrounding surface.
  • A technician applies a colour matched wet paint and blended the repair area with the rest of the surface, ensuring there are no discernible edges. After this, a lacquer coat is applied.

Why Us?

At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd we pride ourselves to deliver the highest quality service. Based in Luton, we serve Harpenden, St Albans, Dunstable, Watford, Bedford, Hemel Hempstead and other towns.

Visit us today for the best kerbed alloy wheel repair cost in Luton.

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