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Alloy wheels are no doubt expensive, but the advantages they offer make it worthwhile to spend on a set. Alloys are quite resistant to corrosion, but driving conditions will most often be ideal, leaving these wheels with dents and scratch marks.

At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd, we offer the best alloy wheel refurbishment in Luton, the perfect solution to revive an old set of wheels.

Why seek professional services for a refurb?

The entire process of refurbishment is painstakingly complex. Most alloy wheels are not simple round flat surfaces; instead, they are touted for the complex 3-dimensional design. Without expert-level skills, the personnel performing the task won't be able to cover all spots properly.

It requires a certain level of skill to deliver a perfect surface finish without any drips or runs. A common problem that occurs due to a lack of expertise is running paint due to an excessively thick application.

Our in-house technicians are highly trained professionals. They ensure that you are fully satisfied with the refurb results.

What does our refurb service offer?

Motorists in Luton often opt for our refurbishment process to deal with dents, scratches and scourged off metal bits from their car wheels.

Here's how our experts go ahead with an alloy wheel refurb in Luton

Preparation –

  • Tyres are taken off the wheels along with the valves and any balancing weights.
  • Any existing coating is stripped off chemically. The wheel's surface is blasted with a hot air gun with hand to remove any remaining layer. It also eliminates any layers of corrosion.
  • What follows is mending damages such as scrapes and gouges. Welding is utilised to fill deeper gashes, followed by a thorough sanding.

Coating –

You can opt for a powder coat or a diamond cut finish. Whichever finish you prefer, experts in Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd does an impressive job.

 1. Powder coating process

  • Wheels are gently heated to remove any air from the alloys.
  • The first stage of powder coat finish is applied. It's a mixture of powdered paint dissolved in a resin solution.
  • A wet-in-wet procedure imparts a 'special' or 'bespoke' finish.
  • A last thermal treatment bakes the coating and sets it permanently, completing the process of alloy wheel refurbishment in Luton.

Diamond cut process

  • Wheels are heat-treated to remove any air from the alloy.
  • An application of powder coating to cure the wheel's surface.
  • After cooling, wheels are introduced to CNC machines where a thin layer of metal is removed from the wheel's face, revealing a fresh diamond cut finish. A diamond cut is preferred wheel refurb in Luton by many.

Clear coat

Depending on the motorist's preference, the wheels are coated with OEM grade acrylic clear coat.

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Now that you have a brief idea on what our alloy wheel refurbishment can achieve, why not give it a try?

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