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wheel balancing

Wheel balancing is also known as tyre balancing and is an integral part of automotive care. Contrary to popular perception, wheel alignment is markedly different from wheel balancing. Balancing involves putting the wheel and tyre assembly on a balancing machine to ensure that the combined weight is spread out evenly.

At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd, we provide the best-in-class wheel balancing in Luton. We have a devoted team of in-house experts who can carry out this complicated operation in a short time.

When do you need wheel balancing?

There are specific symptoms which highlight the need for wheel balancing. Here are the most obvious ones.

  • Vibrations in the steering column: One of the first signs of unbalanced wheels is a steep rise in discrepancies of the steering wheel. Ultimately, the jerking spreads to the entire column, and it becomes challenging to maintain a semblance of control over the vehicle.

If you ever face this issue, you must immediately head to your nearest wheel balancing garage in Luton.

  • Once every 5,000 miles: Experts recommend that you accurately re-balance all of your car’s wheels after every 5,000 miles. However, if you drive on unpaved roads or hostile terrain, you may need to have them checked sooner.

The thumb rule is also to balance the wheels when you get them rotated.

  • Every time you buy new tyres: It is mandatory that you avail wheel balancing whenever you buy a new set of tyres. Note that most tyre and wheel alignments, even when fresh from the factory- nearly always have slight deformities which need wheel balancing.

Note, it is dangerous to drive on unbalanced wheels as it may result in accidents and fatalities.

  • Weights attached to rims fall off: All wheel-balancing sessions use either bang-on or adhesive weights which are connected to the insides of the rim. On occasions, they might fall off, resulting in an imbalance.

If you find that your wheel is lacking any weights formerly attached, you must contact a wheel balancing garage in Luton immediately.

  • Uneven tyre wear: One of the first symptoms of wheel imbalance is irregular and rapid tyre wear. If you notice uneven wear, wheel balancing may be a necessity. For, wearing not only means that you need to replace them with new units; it also poses a significant driving risk.

Always prioritise your safety irrespective of the circumstances.

How can we help you?

Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd helps you by providing wheel balancing in Luton of the highest quality and with very low price tags. Our facility has multiple bays, which means that we operate on multiple vehicles simultaneously. Book a slot online or call us on 01582 414 115. We accept advance bookings.

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