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Nexen car tyres revolutionised the American tyre industry by providing quality tyres with superior craftsmanship at an affordable price. In recent years, this tyre brand has taken up the UK market by storm.

Providing high-quality summer and winter tyres for passenger cars and light trucks, it is undoubtedly the dark horse in the UK tyre business. We, at Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd in Luton, sell their entire range to meet a diverse need.

These are what we sell –

1. Passenger car tyres

Under this segment, we sell summer, all-season and grand touring tyres.

a) Extreme performance summer tyre

You’ll have 2 options to choose from – N FERA SUR4 and N FERA SUR4G. You can purchase both of these Nexen tyres in Luton and benefit from excellent dry grip as well as handling. The specially designed tread pattern provides maximum traction for acceleration, high-speed braking, sharp cornering and improving overall tread life.

b) All-season tyre

Our top picks are –

  • Class Premiere CP662: It is our highest selling Nexen tyre, for its versatility. It provides a combination of a quiet, comfortable ride along with improved traction in arid, wet and moderate wintry conditions.
  • N Priz AH8: It is an ideal tyre for those who want a smooth ride, good durability along with all-season traction including in light snow. You can opt for these Nexen car tyres in Luton even for crossovers or SUVs, making them a popular choice.

c) Touring all-season tyre

We sell the brand’s only offering, N Blue EV. This tyre is produced from specialised grade rubber compounds offering ultra-low rolling resistance, stable cornering and noise-less drive.

Furthermore, its circumferential grooves promote aquaplaning and improved traction in light snow – an ideal tyre for long road trips. Get your first batch from Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd in Luton at attractive prices.

2. Light truck or SUV tyres

Under this segment, we offer 4 varieties – summer, touring, highway and off-road tyres.

a) N FERA RU1 summer tyre

It is crafted for sports or street light truck who demands an aggressive tyre that provides excellent traction on hot tarmac and also enhances their truck’s appearance. Our garage sells such Nexen tyres in Luton at prices that are tough to beat.

b) SUV touring tyres

Both their models – N Priz RH7 and N Priz RH7a both provide a decent steering response, cornering capability with a firm grip and even wear. Its wide circumferential groove assists in water evacuation and exhibits wet traction.

c) Highway all-season tyres

Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd in Luton offers both the variety – Roadian CT8 HL and Roadian HTX Rh5. These are ideal for 4WD vehicles like medium-duty trucks and pickups. These tyres provide a combination of pleasant on-road driving, delayed tread wear and year-round traction including in light snow.

d) Off-road tyre

Roadian AT Pro RA8 strikes an excellent choice for all-terrain adventure vehicles. This tyre is also used in heavy-duty trucks for its wide shoulder blocks that promote on and off-road durability. Its dual-block designed tread patterns prevent debris build-up. Furthermore, the micro-grooved grip enhances traction on dirt or mud-covered roads.

You can buy all of these Nexen tyres online from our garage’s online store.

Why Us?

We’re among the handful of garages to provide with this wide range of tyres for almost every vehicle. Moreover, we’re selling this at a competitive rate that’ll you rarely find elsewhere.



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