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There have been very few tyre manufacturers that have successfully managed to alter the market’s landscape. One such industry-leading manufacturer is Michelin. It is a French major which has been in constant production for well over 100 years now. Michelin tyres also rightfully hold a significant share of the United Kingdom’s overall tyre market.

At our facility, Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd, you can buy the latest Michelin car tyres in Luton at exceedingly reasonable rates.

We store a superb array of modern wheels from Michelin. Our technicians also help you choose the most appropriate wheels for your vehicle should you face a dilemma. Besides, we also provide wheel balancing and alignment services.

Which Michelin model should you buy?

As professional retailers, we realise that there is no one-size-fits-all tyre model for all of our clients. Different people who own varying models of vehicles need tyres with separate specs. Depending on several factors, you must pick a set of tyres.

Read on as we elaborate on our best-selling Michelin tyres online.

Michelin for warmer months

Michelin has been a prolific manufacturer of summer tyres. 3 of their top models in this category that we retail are:

  • Primacy 3 ST: Intended for daily urban use, the Michelin Primacy 3 ST is ideal for long and short trips alike as it produces extremely low noise levels while ensuring better mileage delivery. At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd in Luton, we sell these wheels both en masse and a la carte. Michelin has priced these tyres competitively.
  • Pilot Sport 4: The latest of Michelin’s Pilot range, this model is available as OE for top-end passenger cars like the BMW 5 and 7 series. It also graces Mercedes’ S-Class sedans. This model offers excellent traction and high-speed delivery even on unsavoury terrains.
  • Energy XM2: It is Michelin’s latest model for its European markets. While most car owners buy this model as a summer tyre, it is also a capable all-weather variant. XM2 is one of the best-selling Michelin car tyres in Luton, and we store a huge number of units.

Michelin’s winter offerings

Given how many months people drive in the torrent of snow and ice in the United Kingdom, it is no wonder that Michelin manufactures some of the most high-quality tyres for winters. We also sell such Michelin tyres online.

Take a look at some of the best winter tyres from Michelin –

  • Pilot Alpin 5: A model that derives its name from the Alpine regions, it values the same with a number of excellent reviews from the top manufacturers across the globe. The Alpin 5 comes with excellent treads and is a joy to drive. You can buy this model at Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd.

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