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Dunlop is easily one of Britain’s most loved and cherished brands. It is because Dunlop was one of the first major home-grown tyre giants which gained worldwide success.

Named after the famous inventor John Boyd Dunlop, it is one of those giants that have transcended the tyre industry and has become a household name.

If you’re looking to buy Dunlop car tyres in Luton, rest assured to find the broadest range across attractive prices from us at Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd.

We sell a significant number of Dunlop tyres every year. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, our technicians can also help you choose the best-suited wheels for your car.

Why we recommend Dunlop?

It is universally agreed that Dunlop is one of the most instantly-recognisable names in the world spanning across multiple sectors. With a heritage spanning more than 130 years, they are still going strong with superior products and unbroken leadership in R&D.

Dunlop is one of the world’s 5 largest suppliers of tyres for all sorts of vehicles imaginable. Here are some reasons why people buy Dunlop’s products.

  • Precision-crafted: Dunlop rightfully takes pride in its engineering prowess. It has been a pioneer in the tyre manufacturing industry across many years. The company uses the latest technologies and manufacturing materials. This vision has guided the brand to lofty corners. For example, Dunlop was the first to recognise that rubber consumption would outstrip demand and opened their first tyre factory in Durban, 1935.
  • Rigid quality control: Since the company sells tyres worldwide, it has to adapt to multiple markets, driving conditions, and climates. Thankfully, Dunlop has successfully managed to retain a competitive edge courtesy massive investment into R&D.
  • Rigorous testing: All of Dunlop’s tyres are tested on a massive scale. Testing is undertaken by trained professionals, who are fully aware of real-world driving conditions. We sell all of these top-notch products at Dunlop car tyres in Luton at base prices.
  • Full range: Dunlop is a market leader when it comes to several varieties of tyres. For example, it is the biggest supplier of summer tyres in Africa. Its sales figures are enormous in these Isles too.
  • Wide availability: Thanks to its essentially British roots, Dunlop has a significant presence across the UK. You can buy some of their best models from us, Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd in Luton.

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If you’re wondering which set of tyres to purchase next, go for Dunlop. You can resort to us at Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd to purchase Dunlop tyres online from our web store.



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