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Some of the world’s most innovative technologies have arrived directly from Germany. The Germans have also enriched the automotive world via its engineering prowess that reflects in brands like Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen. On the other hand, Continental is an excellent example of German engineering at its finest when it comes to manufacturing tyres.

Continental is one of the world’s oldest and largest tyre majors, in continuous production for more than 120 years. It has always had a significant share of the British tyre market.

If you are looking for Continental car tyres in Luton, you can choose our facility- Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd.

We store most of the best models that Continental retails in Europe. On the rare occasion that we miss out on a specific model, we can fetch it for our clients within very little time.

The most popular Continental tyres

Continental is a force to reckon with across all tyre categories, namely winter, summer, all-season and run-flat, besides many other niches. We maintain a detailed record of the models that sell in the highest volumes. Here are some of their best-selling models.

For summers

  • EcoContact 6: A somewhat recent addition to the range, the EcoContact 6 adds variety to Continental’s line-up by providing premium quality at budget prices. These tyres are meant for faster acceleration and high speeds. The model also has the great ContiSeal technology which can prevent small punctures from ruining your ride.
  • PremiumContact 6: One of the best models from the German stable in recent years, the PremiumContact 6 is best-known for being the OE on some of the world’s most iconic cars. You can now buy these splendid Continental car tyres in Luton from our facility at very reasonable prices.

For winters

  • IceContact 3: Continental’s latest addition to its wide range of winter tyres is the IceContact 3. It is a successor to the IceContact 2, which was well-designed and capable of withstanding the worst winter weather in Northern Europe. We sell these Continental tyres online too.
  • WinterContact TS 860: The WinterContact series is one of Continental’s most popular ranges. With the addition of this TS 860 range, the company has managed to add increased braking distance, thanks to an added Cool Chili technology. It is Continental’s proprietary technology and also incorporates safer cornering for even mid-sized vehicles.

Buy Continental tyres in Luton

At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd, we sell all Continental car tyres in Luton at reasonable prices and often offer great discounts as well. We pass on all bells and whistles that companies like Continental offer. You can book a new set of wheels on our website. Else, you can also visit our facility and purchase a new set on any working day.



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