Summer Tyres

Summer tyres have been engineered to perform best in hot British summers. They are made from soft rubber compounds allowing them to flex on dry or wet road surfaces. Lesser grooves and sipes in tyres tread help in dispersing water quickly. They provide enhanced traction and braking capability. Moreover, these car tyres offer a comfortable and quieter ride due to their unique composition.

So, if you want a robust set of summer tyres in Luton, you can drop by at our garage, to suit your every requirement.

Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd in Luton is a leading retailer of summer tyres. We only stock the best and the most popular variants in the market. Our in-house technicians will guide you in every step to select the right tyre for your vehicle.

Summer tyres galore

We sell summer tyres from all leading brands in the UK so that our customers don't feel left out!

Here are our top picks –

1. Extreme performance summer tyres from Goodyear

An American genius, Goodyear tyres are the best when it comes to maximum performance in the summers. You can rely on –

a. Eagle F1 Supercar 3

As the name suggests, this tyre has been engineered to withstand high temperatures in race circuits. So, if you’re looking for the perfect set of summer tyres for your sports car, blindly trust on this tyre to give you an unmatched performance!

We are proud to state that Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd in Luton is among the handful of garages to offer such premium tyres in the neighbourhood.

b. Eagle F1 Asymmetric

Keeping the growing popularity of sports cars in the UK, we recommend buying this tyre for maximum performance. The rubber compounds, here, are moulded into an asymmetric tread pattern providing superior traction and grip. Moreover, it elevates high-speed stability and even resists hydroplaning.

We provide a great deal on these car tyres in Luton without compromising on the authenticity.

2. Max performance summer tyres from Continental

When it comes to high-performance tyres, Continental tyres are tough competition for all other brands around. Their summer tyres range is no exception. Go for –

a) ContiSportContact 2

This tyre is designed to meet the needs of both SUVs and Sports car owners. They contain an in-house bionic compound and contour technology to improve overall handling, traction and braking. Its internal structures allow the tyre to widen-up during braking and achieve excellent stopping distances.

Make sure you drop by Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd for a fresh batch of these premium summer tyres in Luton.

b) ExtremeContact DWS

These tyres sport an asymmetrical tread pattern with stable shoulder blocks and notched intermediate rib on the outboard to increase responsiveness and cornering stability. On the other hand, its independent inboard shoulder blocks assist in dispersing water and resisting hydroplaning.

You can buy these tyres online from our garage’s official website at discounted rates.

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