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exhaust service

Unlike many other components, a car’s exhaust system is mostly hidden from view. Thus, it is only but natural that most owners underestimate the importance of providing adequate exhaust maintenance.

A car’s exhaust system is one of its unique and complicated components, whose malfunction will hamper your driving experience.

Exhaust issues are pervasive, and they need expert intervention. When you bring your car to Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd, we assure you of the best exhaust service in Luton. Our facility has dedicated teams of capable technicians who can solve any exhaust-related issues.

Two which have made us the most capable exhaust repair garage in Luton:

  • A trained team of professional technicians who can handle every aspect of a faulty exhaust system.
  • Our inventory of OE-grade and high-quality spares, since most exhaust issues necessitate replacements.

Determining exhaust troubles

A malfunctioning exhaust system showcases a variety of symptoms. Some of the most common ones are the following:

1. Hissing/popping noises: An occasional hiss or a popping noise that occurs whenever the car is running is the surest indication of a faulty exhaust.

The tail-pipe also emits a low-pitched hiss, often described as a whistle, whenever the car’s running. These strange sounds are due to unusually high backpressure or a clog inside the exhaust manifold.

2. Increased vibrations: Your trips will be decidedly more uncomfortable in case your car develops a fault in its exhaust system. The jerking will start from the floorboards and then eventually spread to the other parts of your car.

Even shorter trips result in a nerve-jolting experience. Most commonly, such vibrations are due to a rusty exhaust. It happens when the muffler and the pipes are unable to evaporate the condensation inside them, resulting in untimely corrosion.

3. A dip in mileage: One of the first symptoms that your car is suffering from a bad exhaust is a sharp dip in its mileage delivery. Such issues crop up when the engine finds it difficult to ‘exhale’, as the exhaust is playing up.

The engine needs to work harder whenever there is an exhaust leak, resulting in higher fuel consumption. In case you have noticed that you have to top-up your fuel tank more frequently than before, contact an exhaust repair garage in Luton and get all the parts checked.

4. The 5-year rule: Even if you travel on relatively sedate roads, it is essential that you visit Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd every year to have our technicians get a look at your vehicle. Most car manufacturers recommend at least 1 inspection of the exhaust in 5 years. It keeps all nascent issues at bay.

Let us help you

Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd can help you with all aspects of your vehicle’s exhaust systems. Our team will replace all malfunctioning parts with high-grade spares if necessary. A single repair session will make you understand how we provide the best exhaust service in Luton.

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