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Your vehicle needs periodic diagnostic sessions to keep it working in peak condition. Out of the many technological advancements that have impacted the automotive industry, some of the finest have been in the field of computer-assisted diagnostics. At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd, we specialise in car diagnostics in Luton.

We have a resident team of experts who use hand-held ultra-modern On-Board Diagnostics or OBD devices to find out precisely what is wrong with your car. If you notice that something is ‘off’ with your car, you might want to get your vehicle diagnosed for any latent or underlying issues.

A professionally performed vehicle diagnostics test often reveals problems with exhausts, engines and other essential components of your vehicle.

Using the Diagnostic Trouble Codes or DTCs, our technicians can conclude the severity of any issues and fix them as per requirements.

What are the areas that can be tested?

A Engine diagnostics in Luton from us will cover a lot of ground. We will detect issues and problems with your vehicle’s engine, transmission, brakes and exhaust system, among others.

Moreover, diagnostics tests can also review performance issues like ignition coils, air inflow, coolant levels, fuel injector condition and the throttle.

What are the benefits of diagnostics testing?

Before General Motors came up with the world’s first Engine Control Module (ECM), most common vehicular issues had to be detected manually with no previous warning or signs.

With modern diagnostics testing, you can avail the following benefits:

  1. Detect and solve any issues which may not have shown up until now, but which can later lead to expensive and time-consuming repairs.
  2. Diagnostics tests can reveal manufacturer notifications well in advance, thanks to the OBD devices that we use.
  3. A vehicle diagnostics in Luton will also reveal past servicing sessions, replacements and modifications. In short, it contains a history of the maintenance rendered to your vehicle. With such information, our technicians can carry out precise sessions in the future.
  4. Using code-reading tools, we can identify any problem or pre-existing condition which may have triggered your car’s ‘check engine’ light. Note that these codes do not spell out the exact problem per se. They act as indicators of which engine or performance parameters is out of range and need repairs. Post that, our technician team starts its specific work.

How often is a diagnostic test needed?

At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd, our experts recommend that your car undergoes a full diagnostics testing session once every year. However, certain conditions will not trigger the ‘check engine’ light, and there are chances that you may overlook them. To avoid such nuisances, a check-up after every 6 months is recommended.

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