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One of the most significant parts of your car is the clutch. It helps you shift gears and navigate your vehicle. However, it is susceptible to wearing out, something that does not afflict too many components of your car.

The term ‘clutch repair’ is a misnomer. A clutch can only be replaced and is not repair-friendly.

If you are looking for a clutch repair in Luton, you should know that chances of the same will always be minimal. Visit our facility- Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd in Luton- for an effective resolution of the issue. We will provide the necessary repairs if they are sufficient. If not, we can also help you through a replacement with a smile.

Signs that you need a clutch replacement

Ideally, a clutch is supposed to last anywhere between 50,000 to 100,000 miles. However, certain unhealthy driving habits can exacerbate underlying issues. The life of a clutch is also dependent on how well you maintain your vehicle.

Here are 5 of the most common symptoms which indicate fatal clutch damage and imminent failure. If you observe any of these, you may have to visit your nearest clutch replacement garage in Luton.

  1. A spongy clutch pedal: It is most noticeable when you are shifting gears in a hurry. You will have to press down on the clutch pedal a lot harder than you used to previously. The pedal may also vibrate or feel loose at times, indicating it is time for a thorough inspection of the clutch mechanism.
  2. Squeaking noise when the pedal is pressed: There is an unmistakable noise that emanates from a faulty clutch whenever you press the pedal. Car owners have variously described the sound as ranging from a squeak to a low grumble. Either way, any unpleasant noise is a bad sign and indicates a general malaise of the clutch mechanism.
  3. Difficulty when changing gears: It is the most noticeable sign of a clutch malfunction. You will notice that it requires considerable effort to shift gears, especially when moving from ‘neutral’ to first gear and then upwards.
  4. Slipping clutch with momentary loss of acceleration: Slippage is one of the most hazardous symptoms. Even a momentary loss of acceleration may prove fatal, especially if you are driving on hilly terrain. If you ever encounter the issue, bring your car to your most reliable clutch replacement garage in Luton- Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd.

How can we assist you?

At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd, we have a team of technicians who can take proper care of any issues vis-à-vis your car’s clutch. We follow a standardised SOP, some of the major steps being:

  • Identifying the underlying issue.
  • Conveying the problem to you and detailing approximate costs. Our price packages are transparent and include no hidden charges.
  • Purchasing OE-grade replacements for your car.
  • Detailing the time it will take for us to deliver your car post-replacements.

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If you feel that you need clutch repair in Luton, do not hesitate in contacting Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd. We can help you fix any and all problems.

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