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A responsible motorist should strive to keep all the light bulbs in his/her car in perfect condition at all times. Malfunctioning indicator lights or headlights can invite danger. Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd offers bulb replacement in Luton, convenient service for all who live a hectic schedule and can't figure out time to perform such minor servicing themselves.

With our expert's help, you'll be able to select and install the most suitable bulb/s or even something better. We ensure that the expenses don't cross your budget. Our customers keep returning to us because of the transparency and high-quality service, in addition to the customised approach unique to our facility.

Factors to consider when installing new light bulbs

  • Brightness
  • Whiteness or the colour temperature
  • Price

Most cars come with halogen bulbs, but when replacing broken lights, you have the option to upgrade to better technologies. In our garage, we keep all types of car light bulbs in Luton so you'll have plenty to variants to choose from.

When to replace light bulbs?

Before you even opt for a replacement, you need to know when you should go ahead with one. Here are a few pointers to give you a complete idea of when you need to come over to our garage for such services.

  • Fault on the indicator bulb – One of the indicators may blink faster than usual or not blink at all. Rectifying such issues as soon as possible is crucial for your safety.
  • Blown out bulb – Sometimes it's not immediately obvious when a light bulb blows out. Look out for poor visibility. Additionally, other drivers may flash their lights at you as a warning sign.
  • Pre-emptive maintenance – As a rule of thumb, if one of the indicators or headlight bulbs has blown or started fading, the other one will follow suit soon. Hence, experts recommend changing all bulbs in pairs during a bulb replacement in Luton.

Choose the right light bulb as per your needs

At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd, we primarily offer 3 main variants of light bulbs –

  • Halogen/Filament bulbs –

Primarily used in headlights, these bulbs use a tungsten filament in halogen gas to generate a bright light. Until recently all cars used halogen headlights.

  • HID/Xenon –

HID stands for high-intensity discharge, and they don't use a filament; instead, they operate on gas discharge principle. Here the light emits from an arc of electricity that jumps across two electrodes present within the bulb. Xenon lights are brighter, lasts longer and operate at low temperatures.

  • LEDs –

Light emitting diodes are becoming increasingly popular due to their ultra-low power consumption and long life. They are the most expensive of all car light bulbs in Luton.

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