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The braking mechanism of a modern automobile is highly complicated. Servicing it requires extensive professional training and expertise. If you live in and around Watford, Hemel Hempstead, or Milton Keynes, you can visit our facility- Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd in Luton- for the best-in-class brake repairing and replacement services.

While most people look for brake repair in Luton, it can be slightly misleading. Most parts of a braking system are not repairable- they need complete replacements.

There can be a wide variety of errors when it comes to a car’s brakes. These include damaged brake pads, faulty brake callipers, malfunctioning hydraulics and other miscellaneous shortcomings. The best way of preventing long-lasting and difficult-to-repair damage is to keep an eye out for any brake issues that may crop up.

How to detect malfunctioning brakes

You will notice specific issues well before your car’s brakes start malfunctioning. Most of them indicate that it is time for a brake pad replacement in Luton. Some of the most obvious ones are:

  • Noise: A screeching noise is one of the first major indications that your car’s brakes are slowly becoming defective. The rumbling or screeching sound is more pronounced when you have to apply the brakes hard. If you notice this issue, you must bring your vehicle to our facility- Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd- without any further ado.
  • Increased stopping distance: When your car’s brake pads are worn-out, you will find that braking distance has increased considerably. Besides worn-out brake pads, issues such as loose cables and leaking hydraulics can also decrease your brake’s functionality over time. It is a severe safety issue that might cause accidents and even fatalities.
  • Increased vibrations: Another hallmark of malfunctioning brakes is a sharp rise in vibrations. Such vibrations happen mainly when you brake, and they will increase over time. These jerking motions may become so widespread that you may even end up losing control over your car.
  • ABS’ warning lights come on: The ABS warning light comes on when the braking mechanism is damaged. Odds of long-term damage to the car’s brakes are high if the ‘ABS’ light starts blinking.

In such occasions, you need to immediately bring your vehicle to a trustworthy service facility like Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd. Often a simple brake pad replacement in Luton solves the issue. If not, we’ll find our way through any other ones.

How can we help you?

At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd, we have the most qualified and professional car service technicians in Luton. They have access to the most sophisticated equipment which makes us the most reliable facility for a brake repair in Luton.

Ordinarily, brake pads last for around 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Frequent hard braking, carrying too much load and general misuse of a vehicle decreases its life span. The hydraulics and brake fluids also need replenishing after 1-2 years. It is better to go for pre-emptive servicing to nip any probable issues in the bud.

Bring your car to Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd immediately to ensure there are no lingering problems. With our multiple service bays and dedicated team of experts, we can assure you a guarantee of the services rendered.

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