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Your car’s battery is one of its most essential components. Issues with it will typically result in symptoms such as ignition troubles other than malfunctioning electrical appliances. You must consult reliable service centres immediately.

If you live in and around Luton, Dunstable and Harpenden, you can visit our facility- Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd - to buy a new car batteries in Luton. Unlike most other car parts, batteries become beyond repair and require replacements, just like brakes. You need to purchase a new unit and have it installed professionally.

At our facility, you can easily purchase batteries from the world’s foremost manufacturers. We have a team that specialises in detecting and solving battery issues.

Identifying battery issues

Most battery issues can be resolved if you pay attention to their behaviour. A battery that is about to ‘die’ will showcase specific and unmistakable symptoms. Some of the most obvious ones are:

  • No crank, no lights:

If you find that even after multiple attempts at ignition, the engine fails to crank, it is an indication of a dead battery. It powers all the areas of your car when the engine is turned off.

A failure in this regard may mean that you have a faulty battery. At times like this, you need to buy a new car batteries in Luton or any other place where you stay.

  • Intermittent starting problems:

A key issue that crops up when a battery nears its expiry date is intermittent starting problems. At times, the unit is unable to generate enough power to start the vehicle. You will get no response from the battery at all. Alternately, there will not be any visible issues. A faulty unit is often the major problem. You may need a new battery on most occasions.

Batteries repair in Luton is a must under such circumstances. At times, an ammeter reading shows that the cell is in good shape, but you still need professional intervention.

  • Lights or accessories dim when you accelerate:

Another common issue that indicates a battery malfunction, you will notice that the dashboard lights, internal lights and even the headlamps dim or blink when you hit the accelerator pedal. You must look for a new car battery in Luton immediately.

Contact us for longer battery life

In case your car’s battery is malfunctioning, you can contact us on any working day either online or by calling us on 01582 414 115.

We will slot an appointment for you and help you offer our irresistible offers on new batteries you cannot afford to refuse. Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd stores an extensive collection of car batteries for you.

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