Alloy Wheels

Many motorists seek to improve the appearance of their cars after a few years of driving. Bettering a cars performance with time is also necessary to keep its aftermarket value high. At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd we cater to that need, by selling high quality alloy wheels.

How can alloy wheels improve your vehicles worth?

There are many ways by which fitting a set of alloy wheels in Luton can improve your car's performance and appeal.

1. Corrosion resistant –

Mud, slurry, and water are unavoidable when driving, and the wheels come in contact the most with those elements. As a result, rusting and corrosion start to occur on their surface. Steel wheels are more susceptible to rust and corrosion compared to alloy wheels. So, with alloy car wheels in Luton, you can rest assured that they won't cost you additional expenses later.

2. Lightweight –

  • Alloy wheels are lighter than steel since their composition is different. Composed of magnesium and aluminium, they are lighter yet sturdier.
  • Due to their light weight, they reduce the unsprung weight of a vehicle. Hence, they enable faster steering response.
  • Alloy wheel's lighter weight facilitates low rotational momentum, marginally but noticeably improving handling.
  • An alloy is an efficient conductor of heat, so with a set of alloy wheels in Luton, you ensure safer braking. Since these wheels quickly dissipate the heat generated by braking friction, it reduces the stress on the brake pads and as well as lowers the chances of warped rotors.
  • Alloy wheels also reduce stress on other parts like the suspension springs. Lighter weight aids in quicker acceleration.

3. Aesthetics

Alloys offer the option to choose from a variety of complex and attractive rim designs. Steel doesn't lend itself to a variety of designs. Only with alloy car wheels in Luton is this option available to you.

Additionally, at Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd we sell alloys across a variety of surface finishes.

Popular alloy wheel finishes

  • Painted and lacquered – A standard for most cars like Audi and BMW.
  • Powder coated – A durable finish that lasts long.
  • Anodised – Used mainly on aftermarket custom wheels. Popular with sports cars.
  • Diamond cut – A reflective shine look, used by manufacturers on their top-end models.
  • Chrome – Supports a vintage and classy look.

Buy new wheels from us

At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd in Luton, we offer competitive alloy wheels price in UK.

So, visit our automobile garage to buy the best quality alloy wheels in Luton.

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