Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting Service

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One of the best ways to bring out an alloy wheel's true glamour is by imparting it a diamond cut surface finish. While powder coating is the most durable of all surface treatments, nothing beats the results of our alloy wheel diamond cutting service in Luton. At Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd, we house all necessary advanced equipment to impart alloy wheels with a diamond cut finish.

What makes a diamond cut wheel different?

Diamond cut alloy wheels in Luton has a highly reflective, shining finish, which resembles the surface of a DVD. On close inspection, you'll notice fine concentric groves all over its surface.

The fine lines impart this mirror-like reflective shine to alloy wheels that have been diamond cut. These lines are created with a diamond-tipped tool bit, loaded onto a computer-driven CNC lathe.

In our workshop, Elite Tyre Solutions Ltd in Luton, we house the most advanced machinery necessary required for automobile services, so that your car receives the best maintenance.

The process followed in our garage

Diamond cutting of wheels is a mesmerising process to watch by itself. Here is everything you need to know about our alloy wheel diamond cutting service in Luton follows.

  1. A technician unmounts the tyres and cleans the rim to remove all dirt, debris, and gunk.
  2. Then the wheels are cleaned with a chemical solution that strips off previous coatings if any and also clears away all rust and corrosion. If needed, our technician will impart a blast treatment on these wheels with compressed air.
  3. Next follows the profiling process, which uses a probe mechanism to map out the wheel's shape and size accurately. The process takes longer than the actual cutting. A defect in this process can cause the cut to go wrong, leaving you with damaged wheels.
  4. After profiling, your car wheels are placed onto the machine to initiate the cutting process. The tool removes a layer of metal thinner than a sheet of aluminium in this process.
  5. After the facing process, a technician sprays a layer of lacquer to protect them from elements. You have an option to add a tint of colour to the lacquer to add a custom touch to your diamond cut alloy wheels in Luton.

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